Back into my life

You gave me wings
You made me fly
You are my muse
You let me try
To be a better girl
To be a better person
To be more than I am
To do more than I can

I thank God to bring you back into my life
Although I hardly understand why he did
I know he has his reasons
Trying to figure it out
It’s impossible to do
So I just walk and live
And hope to have the chance to speak to you
Tomorrow or Today
I know he will find a way
To bring you close
And break our walls
I care enough to knock them down

They said to me
That Everything I need
Will come to me
At the perfect time
In the perfect place
So I sit and wait
I open up
I stay
I’ll be patient
Give you space
I will look for You if you hide

It’s your time
To open up
To let me in
I hope you can forgive
I hope you can forget
I made mistakes
And I know I did you wrong
My love for you was just so strong
That’s why I couldn’t handle
I was sick and tired
Hoping you would see
And answering to me

I tried to forget
I tried to go on
But after 5 years
My love for you is still too strong
You are the one
I know you are
I’m waiting for your sign
This time I’m waiting for You
To see
The real me
To knock down my walls

But do you care enough
To take the chance
I’m waiting for you
To take a glance
This is me
I made mistakes
I know I did

But if two people meet
And the world hold its breath
If two people meet
And tension builds up
He gives a sign

If you meet me next time
Look into my eyes
There is nothing more to say
There is nothing more to do
If it feels you have wings
If it feels you can fly
If it feels you find your muse
Please let us try…

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