Say Something…



This is a story about love.
About a boy who’s not willing to give up on love.
It’s a story about hope.
It’s about not letting go.
Not for anything.
Not for anyone!


Dad, I just want to love that girl.
It feels like I’m born to love her.
Nothing more.
I don’t need an expensive car.
I don’t want a million in my bank account.
I don’t want a big house with a swimming pool.
I just want to love her.

Son, you’re crazy!
She doesn’t want you.
She will not notice you if you don’t have all that.
I promise you… I know…
She wants you to pick her up in that beautiful car.
She wants you to swim with her in a beautiful garden.
She doesn’t want love.
She loves money.
She loves diamant rings.
She’s not looking for love.
Son, she’s not like you.
She will use you.
You HAVE to give up on her!
You HAVE to let her go!
Son, she will destroy you.
She will break your heart.
She will leave you with nothing.

Dad, I know you care for me.
I know you want the best for me.
But I swear to you.
I’m born to love her.
My life was always about love.
It was never about money.
It will never be about money.
And I’m not willing to change that.
I will never give up on her.
Dad, I will die if I give up on her.
My love for her will make her see that life is not about money.
I can do that.
Love can do that.
My love for her can do that.
Dad, my life is not about letting go.
My life is about going for what I want.
And I want her.
I don’t want anything else.
I’m born to love her.
I will not give up on her…
Not for anyone.
Not for anything.

Dad, please… Say Something…




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One thought on “Say Something…

  1. So strange that even in a story that isn’t written by you, you can find yourselve or a friend in it. The song gives me goosebumps and a perfect translation of the text…

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